Meet the Swankers

Welcome to Cheeky Swank, where the spirit of cheeky indulgence meets the rhythm of good times! We're not your average vodka—it's a concoction born from the vibrant imaginations of three former support workers, best mates, and enthusiasts of life's most thrilling moments.

Our Story: Imagine three friends, united by a shared passion for making every moment count. Former support workers turned party aficionados, we decided to blend our unique experiences into something truly special—a vodka brand that embodies the cheeky spirit of camaraderie, music, festivals, and raves.

The Cheeky Flavors: Prepare your taste buds for a wild ride! Our cheeky flavored vodkas are a testament to our love for daring combinations. Each sip is an invitation to join the party, featuring flavours that tease and tantalize—because life's too short for bland spirits.

Crafted by Mates for Mates: At Cheeky swank, we believe in sharing the love. Our vodka is a labor of friendship, meticulously crafted by mates for mates. From the distillation process to the vibrant labeling, every detail reflects the bond that brought us together and the cheeky escapades we've shared.

Love for the Party: We're not just in the vodka business; we're in the business of creating unforgettable moments. Our love for partying, music, festivals, and raves pulsates through every bottle. Join us in celebrating the joy of living life to the fullest, one cheeky sip at a time.

Cheers to the Unforgettable: Whether you're at a festival, a rooftop party, or just kicking back with friends, our cheeky flavoured vodka is your passport to the unforgettable. Embrace the cheekiness, dance to your own beat, and savor the moments that make life extraordinary.

Community and Inclusivity: Cheeky Swank isn't just a vodka brand; it's a community. We celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and the power of bringing people together. Join us on social media, share your cheeky moments, and become the honorary SWANKER!